What’s Happening in NorCal This Summer!

What’s Happening in NorCal This Summer!

If you happen to find yourself visiting Northern California for a period of time, or if you are planning to actually move to the region in the near future, one thing is for certain: When it comes to finding things to do in NorCal during the summer, you are going to be quite frankly overwhelmed by your choices.

We couldn’t begin to cover everything in a single article. However, if you want to have at least a rough idea of your possibilities, then there are a few things you will want to keep in mind.

Summer Activities in NorCal


You can find activities in Northern California that you can enjoy all on your own. You can find activities that are designed to be enjoyed with the whole family. You can even find activities that are designed to be enjoyed with that singular, breathtakingly special person in your life.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

• Star-Spangled Fourth: Lights on the Lake: Enjoy one of the greatest 4th of July events imaginable at stunning Lake Tahoe.

• Freemont Summer Concert Series: One of the most important things to remember about Northern California is that free events abound. If you know when you are planning to visit the region, or if you live there, and summer is coming up, look up something along the lines of “Free summer events in NorCal.” You’ll be glad you did. The Fremont Summer Concert Series is a good example of your possibilities.

California State Fair: While this adventure can be a little expensive, particularly if you decide to bring the whole family along, you really can’t beat the rides, atmosphere, food, and special events that are featured at the California State Fair.

• San Rafael Food and Wine Festival: It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that Northern California is home to some of the most varied, appealing food and/or wine festivals/tours to be found anywhere in that entire part of the country. Check out more information on the San Rafael Food and Wine Festival for an idea of what we mean.

• Movies in the Park: You can find movies in the park all over the place. If you love watching films under such settings, look up the schedule for North Natomas Regional Park, which is located in Sacramento.

These are just five ideas. To be sure, you’re not going to have to travel very far to find a whole lot more.

More Things to Do In NorCal

Robinson’s Taekwondo is home to an annual car show. The Mammoth Festival is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate wine and music under a beautiful backdrop. Redwood City Music in the Park is yet another thing that you may want to check out. Obviously, what you can do is going to depend keenly on where you are in Northern California. However, as you are going to discover, getting to the various components that define NorCal isn’t the hardest thing in the world.

Looking for more? Check out the Midsummer Mozart Festival in Berkeley. Grass Valley, California offers the wonderful music of the California WorldFest. If you like beer, take the time to learn more about the Oakland Athletics Craft Beer Fest. The Oakland Triathlon is a great idea for exercise/health fans.


Honestly, the list can go on for just about forever. Sacramento hosts the exciting, historical REEL Recovery Film Festival around August. Sacramento is also home to the District 2 Multi-Cultural Festival, which is also held during the month of August. Another great August event to check out would have to be the Santa Clara County Fair, which is held each year in San Jose.

Planning Your NorCal Experience

Simply put, no matter what you are looking for in Northern California, you are almost certainly going to find it during the summer. From music festivals, to the opportunity to taste beer, wine, or delicious foods, to unique cultural parades/attractions/festivals, the possibilities will make for a remarkable list. Whether you want to learn about special sports events, free events in Sacramento, or film festivals in Northern California, you have possibilities.

Try to plan as far ahead as possible. Create a budget, if you find it necessary. Remember, that California is known for the freeways, as Elk Grove Accident Attorney discusses, not the public transportation. So plan to either rent a car, or use a ride-sharing company to get around. Keep in mind backups, in case something falls through. If you want to know even more, read some reviews.